The residential area stands out for the excellent quality focused on the details of its plots and community areas as well as the attention to each design. This exclusive promotion is characterized by the use of specific materials and large plots.

  • Isolated and strip reinforced concrete footings in accordance with the project.
  • Reinforced concrete pillars, walls and floor slabs in situ according to the current legislation.
  • Waterproof and drainage sheet used in structural elements in contact with the ground.
  • Reinforced concrete stepped stairs with a railing extended until the slabs in accordance with the project.
  • Inspection and control of all the structure by technical project management and control organization to issue reports for ten-year insurance.
  • Quality control program of materials and concrete and steel tests according to the specific sector regulations.
  • Vertical enclosure: 14 cm vertical brickwork, 7 cm inner wall ceramic brick and air cavity with 6 cm mineral wool panels stuck to the brick with special adhesive glue for the material and secured with tape.
  • Terrace parapets of 19 cm vertical ceramic block with diameter 10 bars, inside a solidly made cavity, added to the slab (with 60 cm separation).
  • Inner partition wall of 7 cm double hollow brick.
  • Non-step access inverted terrace made of gravel with slopes of aerated concrete, waterproof sheet of geotextile reinforced PVC and 6 cm geotextile extruded polystyrene panels as thermal insulator with gravel pebbles.
  • Outer step access and waterproof terraces with steam barrier sheet of geotextile used as protector.
  • Inner facing walls made of spray plaster with corner wall protectors without any decorative plaster molding in the union of walls with ceiling. The plaster in walls and ceiling is previously sanded and prepared and later painted with smooth plastic paint. Only one colour shall be chosen by the owner.
  • Outer facing walls built according to the façade plans are covered with a 1.5 cm thickness of flexible plaster. According to the project, some walls have sticks and some others are coated with natural stone grooves. In accordance with the design, the entry gate is made of exposed concrete materials with grained and wooden strips without sanding.
  • 15 mm artificial coping stones terrace with drip flashing included.
  • High-quality porcelain and ceramic tiles used in terraces and inner floors. The skirting board, made up of the same material, is placed without any joint and taped with adhesive cement glue. The owner shall choose between the options available.
  • An access area for vehicles with a flooring made of non-slip hydraulic tiles.
  • High– quality ceramic tiles used in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens extended to the ceiling. The owner shall choose between the options available.
  • Window sills and shelves of national marble with drip flashing.
  • Outer and inner stepped-stairs made of ceramic tiles with stair nosing not included. The same material is used in the rest of the house.
  • False ceiling with a 13 mm thickness laminated removable plasterboard built in areas as indicated in the plans for the access to facilities.
  • Fence gates for vehicles access include a motorized automatic door with remote control according to the design. Gate lock with a sandwich panel made of powder-coated aluminium.
  • Fence gate for pedestrian access is equipped with an automatic door and video intercom as indicated in the plans.
  • Security front door made of iroko laminated wood and painted in its colour. It has safety locks and is connected to an entry phone.
  • Inner flat wood doors varnished in matt white (not mouldings included). They are designed with horizontal door panels (type UT5 or similar) and high-quality door fittings that shall be chosen by the project management team.
  • Outer PVC joinery varnished in graphite grey Ral (it shall be decided by the project team) for better thermal and sound insulation with 5+5/8/5 thermo-sound insulating glass according to façade plans and carpentry specifications, respectively.
  • Motorised rolling blinds installed as indicated in the project design. They are coated in the same colour as the rest of the elements and also include the thermal blind roll boxes according to regulations.*
  • Outer and inner railings in accordance with the carpentry plans.
  • Plumbing with multi-layer pipes including isolated hot water ones according to regulations and estimations.
  • Sanitary ware of brand “ROCA”.
  • Mixer taps of ROCA.
  • Centralized air conditioning pre-installation based on a propulsion system. Outer fiber glass ducts from the ceiling made of aluminium foil and inner ducts lined with sound-absorbing black glass veil. Anodized aluminium grilles of minimalist design. Possible installation of accessories through piped distribution, drains and collectors of air conditioning systems.
  • Single-phase electric power with 9 circuits in accordance with the standards applied to Niessen Skymoon devices or similar brands with a high level of electricity (9,900 W) according to Low Voltage Electrical regulations.
  • Installation of TV antennas for VHF, UHF and FM reception.
  • Outer electronic video intercom.
  • Inner mechanical ventilation for housing through PVC ducts system.
  • Single-layer concrete fence wall ornamented with national or prefabricated marble pier caps and exposed concrete entry gate in accordance with the design of the façade plans.
  • *Private swimming pool equipped with a filtration and recirculation system and skimmers kept in a prefabricated storage room. The swimming pool is decorated with glass mosaic tiles and has a shower outside. The colour shall be chosen by the technical project team.